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Video is the most engaging means of communication; still many ministries and company's fail to utilize this power to it's maximum potential.  Imagine having a carefully crafted commercial, created with high tech equipment, world class musicians, and awesome voice talent. Envision the new found awareness your ministry or business will enjoy after your audience discovers you on their television screens, computers, and mobile devices..  This vision can easily and affordably be a reality when you partner with Omni Present Productions for all your video needs.

Omni Present Productions uses a Non-Linear Editor or NLE to turn footage into an engaging production that will captivate your target audience.  A NLE (pronounced "Nelly") is a high powered computer loaded with professional video and image editing software.  Omni Present produces video completely within the digital domain insuring high quality and a quick turnaround time.  Most importantly Omni Present's editors, copywriters, and directors, are incredibly gifted, seasoned professionals with advanced degrees from accredited universities, insuring your productions will be fully professional.  Omni Present is capable of producing your next television commercial, web commercial, music video, or industrial video.  










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